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Grinoil's activityThe different types of vegetable fats and oils that are produced nowadays are a product in high demand that can be used in various sectors. These fats and oils have several applications, including those we consume directly every day at an individual, those used in the hotel and restaurant sector and those used in the manufacturing processes of the food industry. They are also widely used in the cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for producing a broad range of goods.

After use, these oils and fats become a highly pollutant waste product. As such, their discharge into our natural environment must be prevented, as they would cause serious damage.

For this reason, great efforts are made by public and private initiatives to establish a collection system for used vegetable fats and oils, as well as their subsequent treatment and recovery at a waste management plant, where they can be processed and transformed into a raw material that can be used for industrial purposes.

Grinoil - Our plant at Montcada i ReixacGrinoil’s main activity focuses on sourcing these used vegetable fats and oils and overseeing the complete management and recovery process at our Waste Management Plant located in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona). Our facilities are duly authorized by the Catalan Waste Agency, with manager code E-1459.14, as well as with the European Sustainability Certificate ISCC EU-ISCC-CERT-DE120-10140098 and certification as an authorized establishment for processing animal by-products not intended for human consumption (SANDACH) S08125205, granted by the Livestock, Fishing, Food and Environment Council of the Catalan Government. We are registered on the National Register of movements of animal by-products not intended for human consumption of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Spanish Government.

Once we have obtained the final product, we directly manage its commercialization.

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