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Used vegetable fat and oil management

Grinoil is a company specializing in the management and recovery of used vegetable fats and oils.

Our mission is to recycle and recover this extremely pollutant waste, transforming it into a high quality raw material that can be used to supply different industrial sectors, primarily the biofuel industry, satisfy the large market demand and contribute towards the production of a clean and efficient biofuel.

Our vision is based on being a leader in the sector, offering a large volume capacity and high quality product, providing and developing a direct and customized service with our suppliers and customers, and facilitating the professional development of our employees.

Grinoil - Our plant at Montcada i ReixacOur key value comes from being a solid company that is committed to the environment, with the aim of contributing to the conservation of and respect for our natural surroundings. As a result, we achieve a double impact: removing waste and converting it into a resource.

The team at Grinoil would like to express our sincerest thanks to the people and companies that have worked and collaborated with us over the years, enabling us to carry out this project and gradually consolidate it over time.

Thanks to our suppliers, drivers and collectors for the vital work the do, playing a key role in the process. We would also like to thank the industries and producers that generate the waste for their commitment to sustainable development.

Thanks to our customers for the trust they have placed in us.

Last but not least, thanks to all of the people and various associations that are concerned for our environment and make their contribution towards conserving it by recycling used vegetable oils.